Educational Crisis In India

Educational Crisis In India

The lack of bad education system is root cause of several major problems in india illiteracy births, unemployment, poverty, illegal activity, religious violence and caste discrimination and gambling and so on...

  1. If we reform our education system and provide good education in rural and urban cities it will surely help to fight the problem of poverty and unemployment as highly educated people will be able to survive in this highly competitive world and land a high paying job
  2. If we educate India in the right way and work on developing the wholesome personality of children we would be able to get rid of religious violence and caste discrimination as higher education develops broader thinking and greater tolerance and appreciation for all religions.
  3. If we educate children in the right way it will develop better understanding of negative , antisocial activity and hence result in lowering the illegal activity

Education is not just writing your name or reading a book but transforming a complete self into a responsible citizen of society.

Currently India is facing the worst educational crises in the world. If you can read this page - you should feel extremely blessed . As an Indian child, only 40% of the population can read and understand english

  1. Our classrooms are understaffed - 2 in 8 teachers are absent every day , every school has a lesser teacher than the requirement
  2. Our teachers could be more engaged- Barely a teacher try to engage with customer and use teaching pedagogy instead they just use lecture method for teaching
  3. Our drop-out rate is unusually high - 33% students of admitted in class 1st dropouts before completing 5th grade

If we want to change above never , we need to bring the change ,be the change , every citizen of India need to wake up and take a step ahead to become the change and inspire another person to do the same to fight the student dropouts in higher education (Class IX TO XII) AAdi Care India has started and initiative of providing scholarships to talented students of high schools. Scholarship details (link to scholarship page)

These Scholarships have a greater impact on education in India -

  1. By providing scholarships to students we would help the student to gain education in the time of rising tuition fee and increased enrolments in higher education
  2. Studies have shown that working while studying decreases the chances of obtaining higher grades and less concentration over study , if the child has the scholarship he will be able to spend most of his time studying .
  3. When the child has a scholarship, the parent would also let them study and would not force them to work part-time.
  4. Many students do not qualify for govt aided scholarships as they aim to providing help to only student studying in govt schools and belong to a lower income family, but that doesn't mean a mid income family child doesn't need a scholarship, hence the AAdi Care India does not Discriminate between any student and any student who enrol to scholarship is eligible for the award, however their family income should not exceed INR 6 Lakhs per year
  5. Scholarship assistance fills the gap between high-income groups and low-income group students who are not eligible for need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships. These corporate scholarship programs break all the barriers and develop a sense of belongingness and unity by filling the gap as for these scholarship selections done through the Test and a personal interview.
  6. Scholarships teach giving back to society.- Students who receive scholarships develop a feeling of giving back to society when they are financially independent

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