Scholarship 2024

Offering opportunity to study


Our objective is to motivate and transform the lives of outstanding students. Educating young minds has a great impact not only on the educated individual, but the community and the country as a whole.

With the increasing cost of education, many capable students are not able to fulfill their accomplishment of higher studies. In fact the percentage of students admissioned in class 10th is 81% while the percentage of students enrolled in class 12th is limited to 56%. This clearly shows the drop-out of students from class Xth to XIth and creates the need for the scholarships. .

Criteria & Examination Fee

The scholarship will be awarded to students studying in India in a private or govt school from class IX TO XII.

Examination Fee is Rs. 500/- ontime which is all inclusive and one time. No futher fee is required to be paid. .


1. Candidate should be studying in the private or govt school affiliated with a recognized board
2. Gross annual income of the Guardian of the candidate from all sources does not exceed Rs. 6 lakhs per annum.
3. Minimum 50% marks obtained in the previous final examination.
4. The Scholarship is available for Delhi/NCR region only. . .


• 30% scholarships are reserved for girls applicants of which is transferable to male applicants in case of non-availability of girl applicants.
• No other reservation will be constituted for these scholarship.
• Distribution will be in single payment to each of students who qualifies the selection process.
• In any case, dIstribution is limited to 200 students. .

Selection Procedure

As the number of scholarships available in a year is Fixed (100 scholarships per annum for each category) we have set down a process for selection.

1. Apply for scholarship
2. Scholarship examination
3. Personal interview
4. Selected candidate would be awarded with scholarship.


AAdi Care is offering 100 scholarship in the following categories:

•100 ‘Fresh’ scholarships of Rs. 10,000 each for students from Class 9th and 10th.
•100 ‘Fresh’ scholarships of Rs. 12,000 each for students from Class 11th and 12th.